List of services

Dragon Capital provides a full range of brokerage and related services in the stock market to individuals and legal entities. We strive to provide each of our customers with world-class service and quality information support.

For individuals, we offer the following services:

  • Brokerage (investing in stocks and bonds through a broker)

Brokerage is one of the opportunities for personal capital management. Investing in stocks involves high liquidity, thanks to the ability to quickly sell securities in the stock market. In addition, this type of investment allows you to expect a potentially higher return.

  • Purchase/sale of domestic government bonds (DGB) in UAH

DGBs are in great demand among Ukrainian. They are not subject to personal income tax (18%), but military tax (1.5%) is still withheld. Yields on DGBs are significantly higher than those on deposits in UAH and double the rates on US dollar deposits*.

  • Purchase/sale of domestic government bonds in foreign currency

Domestic government bonds are also denominated in foreign currency. When such bonds are redeemed, their owner has US dollars/euros paid directly to his account. On GDBs indexed to the US dollar/euro exchange rate, the owner receives a repayment in hryvnia calculated at the national currency’s current exchange rate to the US dollar/euro. Yields on foreign currency bonds are usually lower than on hryvnia bonds, but tax benefits remain.

  • Purchase/sale of Eurobonds

Eurobonds are debt securities issued in foreign currency. Eurobonds issued by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine are admitted to trading in Ukraine.

  • Custody services

The custody department of Dragon Capital provides a full range of services of the custody institution for private and corporate clients and is the leader in the Ukrainian market by number of exchange transactions. We offer standard and special services to provide our clients with maximum convenience and reliability when working with securities.

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* According to results of auctions conducted by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine.

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