Principal Investments

Our Principal Investments enjoy leadership across diverse sectors including retail, food processing, machine building and real estate. Most of our transactions were structured as co-investment deals with our clients, with Dragon Capital as the lead investor.

Dragon Capital has been an active private equity investor generally aiming to acquire controlling stakes in dynamic private enterprises either through purchase of shares from existing shareholders or growth-financing transactions. Our portfolio companies enjoy leadership across diverse sectors:

  • KMZ Industries, one of the largest producers of agricultural equipment in the CIS
  • Chumak, one of the country’s foremost branded foods producers and a household name in ketchups and sauces.

KMZ Industries (KMZ)

KMZ Industries (KMZ) is Ukraine’s leading agricultural machine-building company, providing turn-key solutions for the grain storage and handling industry. KMZ has 150 years of experience in the agricultural and farming equipment market. The plant was founded in 1860 by Grand Duchess Yekaterina Pavlovna, sister of Russian Emperor Alexander II. During the last 45 years, KMZ has been engaged in production of grain storage, drying, cleaning and transportation equipment. The total number of clients served by KMZ exceeds 5,000, with customers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Poland, the Baltic States and the Middle East. Dragon Capital has been investing in KMZ since 2001, accomplishing a complex restructuring of the business from a Soviet-type factory into a modern, client-oriented and innovative company. The business has grown the business 20-fold in less than a decade.


Chumak is one of Ukraine’s most recognized branded food producers, manufacturing ketchups, mayonnaise, tomato paste, canned vegetables and pasta. Chumak is one of the largest tomato processors in the CIS with an annual processing capacity of up to 100,000 tonnes, and the company recently launched a new pasta production factory with an annual capacity of 20,000 tonnes. Chumak’s national distribution currently serves more than 65,000 sales points in Ukraine and is quickly expanding in CIS and other regions. Chumak has become the number one ketchup brand in the Baltic States, Belarus and Moldova. Dragon Capital, together with East Capital, bought a controlling stake in the company in 2008.