Members of Transparency International Ukraine Elected New Board For The Organization

Tomas Fiala was elected to the board of Transparency International Ukraine

On October 15th Transparency International Ukraine members elected a new board for the organization. It includes current members of Andrii Marusov, Juhanni Grossmann, Vitalii Kasko, and two new members — a former Deputy Minister for Economic Development, Yuliia Klymenko and the CEO of Ukrainian investment company “Dragon Capital”, Tomas Fiala.

The conference began with a video message from the head of Transparency International, Jose Ugaz. “In two years TI Ukraine has achieved very highlighted goals. We have great expectations regarding the capacity and possibilities of new achievements of the chapter. Now that the IMF has disbursed more than 1 billion USD for the country, anti-corruption agenda should be in the top of priorities of your authorities. And our responsibility, Transparency International, is to monitor that that money to go where it is intended to go. In our case, to struggle and fight against corruption”, says Ugaz.

Seven candidates signed up to the election to the Board of TI Ukraine. They presented their vision for the implementation of strategic priorities of the organization and their contribution in its activity.

The conference was attended by 35 members of the organization. Each could vote for the maximum of five candidates. The results were as follows:

Juhani Grossmann – 31,

Vitalii Kasko – 29,

Yuliia Klymenko – 29,

Andrii Marusov – 31,

Oleh Protsiv – 1,

Andrii Sliusar – 11,

Tomash Fiala – 33.
The newly elected board held their first meeting and elected with four votes the new Chairman – Andrii Marusov. He assured that the new board will work productively to implement strategic priorities of TI Ukraine.