Dragon Capital Wins Two Auctions for Real Estate in Kyiv and Lviv

The Dragon Capital group of companies announces that on the 25th and 26th of July, two of its companies won auctions for commercial properties located on Khoryva Str. in Kyiv and on Rynok Sq. in Lviv and valued at UAH 60.5 m and UAH 116 m, respectively. The auctions were carried out via ProZorro, an electronic auction system. Both deals will be closed soon.

The non-residential building at 11-A Khoryva, located in Kyiv’s Podil district and having a gross leasable area of 1,403 sq. m., was acquired at an auction for the assets of PrJSC “Bank “Kyiv Rus”.

The Lviv properties, including the basement and first-floor non-residential premises with a gross leasable area of 945 sq. m. at 19 Rynok Sq. (406 sq. m.), 20 Rynok Sq. (419 sq. m.), and 21 Rynok Sq. (120 sq. m.), were sold via ProZorro by the City Council of Lviv. This lot became the most expensive since the launch of the small-privatization program.

“We are very pleased to be acquiring the assets that belonged to state organizations and municipalities via an open, transparent and clear auction procedure, through which the sellers obtain a fair price and the properties gain effective owners,” said Dragon Capital CEO Tomas Fiala. “Over the last year, we have acquired a number of assets via ProZorro and SETAM electronic auction systems valued at more than UAH 500 m and intend to take part in future auctions if we identify properties falling within our investment strategy.”