Dragon Capital Spends UAH 23 Million on Charity in 2018

The Dragon Capital group of companies, its CEO Tomas Fiala, and company employees contributed a total of UAH 22.6 million for charity and sponsorship purposes in 2018 to support Ukrainian projects for economic and social development.

Continuing its long-standing tradition, the company provided assistance to Ukrainian think tanks promoting reforms intended to improve the business climate and fight corruption; supported independent analytical platforms and independent media; contributed to the development of educational institutions, platforms and programs; aided cultural centers and their initiatives; helped children's hospitals and orphanages; and was involved in various cultural and sporting projects.

The Centre for Economic Strategy, an independent policy think tank, analytical platform VoxUkraine and its VoxCheck project, the New Leaders National Project, Anti-Corruption Action Centre, Transparency International and other NGOs working to support economic reforms, improve the business climate and help fight corruption in Ukraine together received close to UAH 12 million. More than UAH 4.9 million was raised to finance the development of children’s hospital Ohmatdyt, help patients fighting cancer, buy a hemo-analyzer for the Western Ukrainian specialized children's medical center (Lviv), support orphanages, repair a kindergarten, and sponsor the IWCK Charity Bazaar. The company has already allocated USD 250,000 to finance software upgrades for Ohmatdyt, namely to complete, install and set up financial and personnel accounting systems as well as an accounting system for medicines and other medical inventories. This software will enhance the hospital’s accounting and human resource processes as well as synchronize the accounting and inventory systems. Over UAH 5.1 million went last year to finance the Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program at Stanford University, the Prometheus educational platform, the GoGlobal program aimed at promoting studies of foreign languages in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership, etc. Dragon Capital also donated UAH 0.6 million to support a public organization, whose mission is to preserve and promote the cultural, historical and archaeological heritage of Ukraine; the Lviv Media Forum, etc.

In addition, this year Dragon started to cooperate with Veteran Hub, Ukraine’s first open space for veterans of the war in eastern Ukraine and NGOs serving to protect their rights, as well as with other veteran associations in order to facilitate former soldiers’ social adaptation, particularly through employment. As part of this mission, the company gives priority to ATO veterans when considering applicants for vacant position. The Dragon group of companies already employs six ATO veterans.

“Having spent 22 years doing business in Ukraine, I am very interested that standards of living in the country start to improve more meaningfully. Our mission is to contribute to implementation of the rule of law, minimization of corruption, inflows of investments, and economic growth. On the way to this goal, we continue to support an array of socially important projects," commented Tomas Fiala, CEO of Dragon Capital, on the annual corporate social responsibility report. “I am extremely pleased that my colleagues share my convictions, initiate and help to implement these socially and economically significant and necessary endeavors.”