Dragon Capital Exits Riviera Villas Project

The Dragon Capital group of companies has successfully completed its development project Riviera Villas, an exclusive residential community in the Kyiv region.

Exit is the final step in the cycle of direct investments.

“Thirteen years ago, together with our partners, we embraced the idea to build a gated community near Kyiv with a unique concept and format on our market. We invested capital and effort to create a unique project, which today is justly considered one of the best places to live near Kyiv, and which has since become a new home for more than 150 families. This became possible thanks to the coordinated work of the project’s team, to which we are grateful for the joint work and invaluable experience of implementing common bold ideas,” said Eugene Baranov, Managing Director of Private Equity at Dragon Capital.

Over the years, the project evolved and expanded several-fold compared to the original plan. Last year, Riviera Villas became part of the larger Riviera Village project, which will continue to be developed by our partners from Riviera Estate without the participation of the Dragon Capital Group.

New areas have been added to the project, and construction of additional infrastructure facilities has started, which will make it an even more attractive place to live. We will continue to watch its development and take delight in the new successes and achievements of the project team. 


About Dragon Capital

Dragon Capital is one of the largest groups of companies in Ukraine that works in the field of direct investments and financial services, providing a full range of investment banking and brokerage services for corporate and private clients. The company was founded in 2000 and has decades of successful track record of private equity investments in Ukraine.