Dragon Capital Acquires Logistics and Industrial Depots Near Kyiv

Dragon Capital Investments Limited, a member of the Dragon Capital group of companies, has completed the acquisition of logistics and industrial depots in the Kyiv suburbs.

The company acquired a logistics complex in Bucha with a total area of 31,508 square meters and a production complex in Gostomel, with 10,203 square meters of space. The deal values were not disclosed.

“These acquisitions reflect our faith in Ukraine’s economic recovery, including in the logistics industry. We have acquired two appropriately located sites occupied by reputable tenants. For example, the production building in Gostomel is fully leased to Unilever, which has operated a tea factory there since 2016,” said Volodymyr Tymochko, Managing Director, Private Equity, Dragon Capital.

Tomas Fiala, CEO of Dragon Capital: “For the success of our and foreign investors’ future projects in Ukraine, it is essential to improve the investment climate, accelerate annual economic growth to Central European levels of 4-5%, and carry out structural reforms needed to resume cooperation with the IMF in the first half of 2018. Establishing the National Bureau of Financial Security, which both the President and Prime Minister pledged to accomplish, and demonstrating zero tolerance for corruption at state agencies and courts would further raise Ukraine’s attractiveness as an investment destination.”