KP-Dragon Index

The KP-Dragon Index was launched in August 2000 as a market capitalization-weighted index consisting of 10 most liquid Ukrainian stocks. We moved to free-float weightings in February 2003 after large-cap Ukrtelecom was added to the index. The KP-Dragon was expanded to 20 stocks in February 2006 to reflect the growing domestic market and the increased number of sufficiently liquid stocks, yet in 2015 the number of index stocks was cut to 15 names due to a lower market activity.

Index rebalancing

On June 1, 2011, we rebalanced the index to include a number of foreign-listed Ukrainian stocks and thus better reflect the entirety of Ukrainian equities traded locally and on European exchanges (in addition, this differentiated the KP-Dragon from other indices including Ukrainian stocks since the latter are linked to a particular exchange or country and calculated mostly in respective local currencies). The KP-Dragon index currently includes 7 foreign listed and 3 locally listed stocks.

Index calculator

The index is calculated daily. For the calculation, we convert all closing prices from the corresponding listing currencies (UAH, PLN, GBP) to US dollars at F / X rates during the closing of the exchange. To limit the effect of a particular stock on the index, we limited the maximum weighing by 15%, a widespread threshold. The masses and the index composition are revised every three months.

Kp-Dragon Index Members

Ticker Company Sector Shares Outstanding Price ($) Chg. (1d; %) Market capitalization ($m) Free float (%) Restricting coefficient Weight (%)
AST PW Astarta Holding Agriculture & Food Processing 24,310,102 11.71 (0.03%) 285 32.9% 0.67 15.0%
CEEN Centrenergo Utilities (generation) 369,407,108 0.352 (0.07%) 130 21.7% 1.00 6.8%
FXPO LN Ferrexpo Metals & Mining (iron ore) 588,624,142 6.013 (0.52%) 3,539 25.9% 0.07 14.7%
IMC PW IMC Agriculture & Food Processing 33,178,000 6.655 1.88% 221 27.8% 1.00 14.7%
JKX LN JKX Oil & Gas Oil & Gas 166,723,145 0.371 0.39% 62 21.9% 1.00 3.2%
KER PW Kernel Holding Agriculture & Food Processing 84,031,230 13.13 (1.82%) 1,103 60.1% 0.08 12.9%
MHPC LI MHP Agriculture & Food Processing 107,038,208 5.500 0.36% 589 40.3% 0.30 17.0%
OVO PW Ovostar Union Agriculture & Food Processing 6,000,000 19.22 (6.01%) 115 32.1% 1.00 8.8%
BAVL Raiffeisen Bank Aval Financials 61,495,162,580 0.017 (0.07%) 1,016 1.7% 1.00 4.1%
UNAF Ukrnafta Oil & Gas 54,228,510 10.61 (2.09%) 575 2.0% 1.00 2.8%

Equities prices

Dragon Capital accounts for the largest share of turnover on the Ukrainian stock market carrying out approximately a third of reported transactions

Equity Price Performance

ALAGR FPAgroGeneration
AGT PWAgroton
AST PWAstarta Holding
AVGR LIAvangard
FXPO LNFerrexpo
KER PWKernel Holding
KVBZKryukiv Rail Car
MLK PWMilkiland
MSICHMotor Sich
OVO PWOvostar Union
BAVLRaiffeisen Bank Aval
ENW LNEnwell Energy
UKR LNUkrproduct
SectorStock ExchangeCurrencyBidAskOpenHighLowLast price /Close52-w High52-w LowAll-time HighAll-time LowLast priceChg.
(1d; %)
(1w; %)
(1m; %)
(YTD; %)
Chg. from
52w High,%
Chg. from
52w Low,%
Chg. from all-time high,%Chg. from all-time low,%
Food ProductsFPUAH0.
Food ProductsPWUAH55.6355.9154.2456.3252.7156.1966.7522.95311.385.0856.193.59(0.25)0.5-(15.83)144.85(81.96)1006.85
Food ProductsPWUAH309.44311.52315.00318.47307.35311.52393.5793.87737.0853.54311.52(1.32)(3.45)(14.67)-(20.85)231.85(57.74)481.82
Food ProductsLIUAH0.16-
Electric UtilitiesUKUAH--------23.942.50---------
Electric UtilitiesUKUAH--------114.009.04---------
Metals & MiningLNUAH442.20442.40446.00448.20439.80442.40506.00147.77522.5012.50442.
Food ProductsPWUAH178.71184.97178.71187.05178.71184.97214.8771.62214.8729.55184.973.10(5.67)-(13.92)158.25(13.92)525.88
Oil, Gas & Consumable FuelsLNUAH26.0028.0027.0027.0027.0027.0039.8016.10546.005.00270010.2-(32.16)67.7(95.05)440
Food ProductsPWUAH348.38349.07357.42358.11345.25348.38420.00265.98611.9278.23348.38(1.57)(3.28)(14.51)-(17.05)30.98(43.07)345.33
Food ProductsPWUAH26.7027.4726.8427.5426.4927.5433.936.33201.452.1627.543.120(5.71)-(18.85)335.16(86.33)1177.42
Food ProductsLIUAH143.34144.42154.70154.70143.34143.34178.50126.57621.7840.57143.34(3.64)(5.02)(13.68)-(19.7)13.25(76.95)253.33
Food ProductsPWUAH6.746.796.796.806.726.799.743.48347.681.466.791.240(17.29)-(30.29)95.16(98.05)364.76
Aerospace & DefenseUKUAH--------5695.00320.00---------
Food ProductsPWUAH507.61521.52552.81552.81521.52538.90615.39403.31921.35292.05538.94.03(1.27)1.31-(12.43)33.62(41.51)84.52
Oil, Gas & Consumable FuelsLNUAH25.8026.5025.8025.9025.8025.8028.5013.65510.001.7525.80.190.395.74-(9.47)89.01(94.94)1374.29
Electrical EquipmentUKUAH--------15.100.83---------
Oil, Gas & Consumable FuelsUKUAH--------933.8054.00---------
Food ProductsLNUAH4.506.
Diversified TelecommunicationUKUAH--------0.910.09---------
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