Press Releases

Apr 27, 2017

SBU searched the Kyiv offices of Dragon Capital


On Wednesday, April 26, the State Security Service of Ukraine’s (SBU) searched the Kyiv offices of Dragon Capital. The search warrant was issued by a Kyiv district court as part of a criminal investigation into alleged illegal purchase, distribution or use of spyware.

As we found out, the SBU targeted the software which Dragon Capital had officially purchased from a Ukrainian software company in 2015 and intended to use to monitor employees’ work time. This software, we were told, had in 2016 been classified as “special equipment for covert information gathering” pursuant to an expert opinion solicited for the aforementioned criminal probe.

We are thankful for the quick reaction to the authorities, public figures and the media. The search was conducted without violations and forcible actions on the part of SBU officers. Dragon Capital is continuing in the ordinary course of business.

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